How to Change Oil Using a Fumoto Oil Drain Valve?

Answer One of the ways to change your car's oil without making a huge mess is using the Fumoto Oil Drain Valve. Install this valve and you can drain your engine oil without tools and without mess. Just li... Read More »

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Shower drain that drains fine but there is always water in the drain and after a day the water smells you have snaked the drain and used various draino type products with no change?

Answer As you found out Chemicals are useless and in many cases snaking is not going to work to get rid of smells. The water you do see is possibly the water in the trap that keeps dangerous sewer... Read More »

How to Install a Pop-Up Sink Drain Valve?

Installing a pop-up sink drain is a simple and quick do-it-yourself job. Pop-up drains work by pressing on the center of the drain until it snaps closed, stopping any water from draining out of you... Read More »

How to Replace the Fresh Water Drain Valve?

You will need to drain water from the fresh water tank to winterize your motor home, RV or camper before the onset of winter. The fresh water tank on an RV is similar to the hot water tank used in ... Read More »

How to Repair a Leaking Drain Valve on a Car Radiator?

Replacing your radiator can be expensive when you pay for parts and labor. So if you have a leaking drain valve on your radiator, you need to replace it as soon as possible to avoid bigger problems... Read More »