How to Change Notification Ringtones on Androids?

Answer The default notification ringtone on an Android phone can be changed to another tone. You can set the notification ringtone through your phone's settings. Additional notification ringtones can be s... Read More »

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How do you set mp3s as notification ringtones on a samsung captivate?

the galaxy tab it better then the iphone because it has hundreds of more apps than the iphone and its battey power is stronger then an iphones.

How can you hide lock the notification of text message in notification bar in android?

When you have your ipod hooked up to the computer, click on it, then click on pictures. It will want to know what folder to use and every time you sync it, any photos in that folder will be synchro... Read More »

How to change the notification settings?

Enabling Auto-Fetch Email1) Touch the "Settings" icon on your iPhone.2) Touch the "Mail, Contacts, and Calendars" option.3) Touch "Fetch New Data."4) Touch the On/Off button next to the word "Push"... Read More »

How can i change the notification sound on my ipod?

If you are not jailbroken, then you cannot change your Push Notification sounds; however, if you are jailbroken, you can download PushTone from Cydia (it's $1.99 but it's extremely worth it) and yo... Read More »