How to Change My Yahoo Messenger Account?

Answer Yahoo! Messenger, instant messaging that is available to international users, allows participants to communicate through text messaging, webcam, PC-to-PC calls, and PC-to-phone calls. Yahoo! Messen... Read More »

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How to Delete Yahoo Messenger Without Deleting the Yahoo Account?

Removing Yahoo! Messenger from your computer does not delete your Yahoo! Account. You can safely uninstall Messenger and still have access to your email, games, and everything else that Yahoo! offe... Read More »

How do I delete yahoo messenger from my account?

You can delete Messenger from your computer. If you do, anyone who has you on their Messenger list will see that you're not online and will not attempt to contact you through Messenger. To remove M... Read More »

How do I create a new Yahoo Messenger account?

Open your web browser and go to the Yahoo home page. Click the "Sign Up" link at the top of the page; it is very small. Alternatively, you can open Yahoo! Messenger and click "Get a new Yahoo! ID."... Read More »

How do I delete a Yahoo instant messenger account?

Open your Web browser and sign in to your Yahoo account. Open the "Account Termination Page." (See Resources.) Read the information on the page; it explains that you will lose access to Yahoo Mail,... Read More »