How to Change My Hair in a Picture?

Answer If you would like to experiment with different hairstyles or colors, one option is to change your hair digitally. Using a photograph of yourself, use graphics programs and hairstyle makeover games ... Read More »

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How to Change Someone's Hair Color in a Picture?

If you wish to change the hair color in a picture, you can do it with GIMP. GIMP is free graphics editing software available for most popular operating systems, such as Windows, Mac and Linux. Its ... Read More »

How to Change Your Picture's Eye Color & Hair?

There are many times when you might want to be able to make changes to your eye color and hair in a picture. You might have believed that you would have to take your photo to a professional graphic... Read More »

How to Change the Hair Color in a Picture Using Gimp 2?

Changing the hair color in a picture using GIMP 2 is not difficult, especially if the hair is well-groomed. You can use the Free Select Tool to isolate the hair from the picture and then change the... Read More »

How can you change a colored picture to a black and white picture?

If it is a digital picture, there are programs that change pictures. I use irfanview for most picture editing. It is free, and it has a "convert to greyscale" feature that works ... Read More »