How to Change My Default Ringer on a Sidekick Slide?

Answer The Sidekick Slide includes a number of pre-installed ringtones. Although the Sidekick Slide has a default ringer, you can change it anytime you want if you are tired of hearing the same tone and w... Read More »

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Is the Sidekick Slide or Sidekick LX is coming out in other colors?

Heres what i found CG.The T Mobile side kick LX has two color options: · midnight blue and espresso brownAnd the Side kick Slide will come in a black deep purple finish. Side Kick LX ($299... Read More »

Wich is much better a sidekick slide or an sidekick lx?

How can I get the ringer to be audible when I have my bluetooth headset connected to my nokia slide 6500?

this is your best poem yet.your use of metaphor, and rhythm, no need for rhyme because the piece flowed brilliantly.ringer obviously means "penis"audible = massagedbluetooth = nakedheadset = girlfr... Read More »

How many megapixels does a Sidekick Slide have?

The Sidekick Slide and the Sidekick have 2 megapixel cameras. The Sidekick is a cellular phone with a flip out keyboard made by T-Mobile. The new Sidekick LX includes a 3.2 megapixel camera. The Si... Read More »