How to Change Multiplication to Division?

Answer Division and multiplication are closely related. If you know the figures in a multiplication problem, you can easily change it into a division problem by simply rearranging the numbers. You don't e... Read More »

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How to Transform Multiplication & Division Equations?

An equation has expressions on the right and left sides of an equal sign that are equal to each other. You can rearrange an equation in order to simplify it and determine its solution. The multipli... Read More »

Online Multiplication & Division Games?

Traditionally multiplication and division have been skills that students have had to learn through memorization and drill and kill activities. Fortunately, there are more options today and students... Read More »

Multiplication & Division Practice Games for Kids?

Children normally learn multiplication and division by memorizing tables. However, teachers and parents can make these two operations more fun and memorable with games. Playing games develops the p... Read More »

How to Solve Linear Equations Using Multiplication & Division?

Elimination is one of two standard methods for solving systems of algebraic equations by hand, along with substitution. Addition and subtraction can help eliminate a variable in many systems of equ... Read More »