How to Change Mouse Pointers to Rats in HTML?

Answer Your computer mouse is so named because it resembles the small furry animal called a mouse. On the screen, however, your mouse pointer usually takes a more practical form, like an arrow for pointin... Read More »

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How do I add mouse pointers in Windows?

Download the Mouse PointerDownload and save the mouse pointer to the "Cursors" folder, located in the "Windows" directory on the local drive.Run Mouse PropertiesHit the "Windows" and "R" keys to la... Read More »

How do I get different mouse pointers on Windows XP?

Press both the "Windows" key and "R" to open Run. Type "main.cpl" in the empty field, then click "OK" to open Mouse Properties.Click the "Pointers" tab. Select the pointer you want to change, then ... Read More »

How do I change my background pic in FB I know about moving mouse to change covernge cover?

you cant use background pictures on facebook - it's not myspacethe cover photo is the only thing that can be considered a background picture, and you said you already now how to do that

How to Change HTML to UTF-8?

Universal Character Set Transformation Format 8-bit, or UTF-8, is a character encoding format in the Unicode character set. Unicode is the world-wide standard for encoding and showing text on compu... Read More »