How to Change Money in China?

Answer It's generally less problematic to wait until arrival and using your debit or credit card in a local cash machine, which can be found everywhere in most towns. In recent years the official exchange... Read More »

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Who invented paper money in China?

Paper money was made possible after the invention of block printing, also invented in China. The Tang dynasty was the first reported to have utilized printed money about 800 A.D., but the name of t... Read More »

What is money called in china?

Renminbi is the Chinese money, which in Chinese translates into "The People's Currency." The common unit is "yuan," which is also the name the Renminbi is most often called. Just as the U.S. dollar... Read More »

What is money in China called?

The money that is used in China is called the renminbi, which is often shortened to RMB. It is also referred to as the yuan. Renminbi is translated to "people's currency."Source:The Beijing Observe... Read More »

When was paper money invented in china?

Paper money has been around for more than 1200 years. It first appeared in China in the year 806 CE as military scrip to be used as letters of credit when traveling. A paper money system was also u... Read More »