How to Change JPEG to GIF?

Answer There are many file formats for images, and JPEG and GIF are two of the most popular. JPEG images have more options for color, and you can often use them for photographs. GIF files take up less dis... Read More »

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How do I change from PDF to JPEG?

Go to the scanner programme and change the default setting there. Any changes you might make are over-ridden by default settings of the scanner. Once again JPG the default of your scannerTo change ... Read More »

How do I change a JPEG to PDF?

Convert JPEG to PDF in AcrobatIn Adobe Acrobat, click "File," select "Create PDF," and choose "From File...." In the "Open" dialog box, navigate to the location of the JPEG file, click it to select... Read More »

I need to change a picture from a TIF to a gif or jpeg..?

Open the .TIFF file using paint (right-click and find the "open with" option, select paint).Once you have it open go to File -> Save As.Change the file type to the one that you want and you will be... Read More »

How to Change Clipart from JPEG to PDF?

A JPEG file is a widely-used file format for images and can be viewed easily in any image viewer such as Windows Photo Viewer or Microsoft Paint. You might need to convert an image file to Portable... Read More »