How to Change Into the Person You Desire?

Answer Have you ever glanced at the mirror and felt tired of what you see? Are you constantly jealous of those who are radiantly attractive? Or do you have a dream of being someone you can be proud of? Be... Read More »

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How to Change the Locked Screen on an HTC Desire?

The HTC Desire smartphone device comes with the ability to lock the device's screen to prevent you from accidentally tapping one of the phone's options while the phone is in your pocket or unauthor... Read More »

How do you change the message alert tone on a HTC Desire?

Select message then press menu an select settings then change notification tone

Can you change notifactions ringtones for individul contacts on the htc desire?

What is the difference between htc desire and htc desire hd?

the htc desire hd is the upgraded version of the htc desire. i myself have an htc desire hd and it has a humungus screen on it that has amazing picture hence the hd, it has an 8.0 mp camera and is ... Read More »