How to Change Instruments from Bb Clarinet to Soprano Saxophone?

Answer Does your band have too many clarinets and not enough saxophones? Are you wondering how to switch from one to another? It's easy! Here's how.

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How to Remove a Cleaning Swab from a Soprano Saxophone?

Using a cleaning swab for a soprano sax seems easy: you hold it upside down, drop the weight through the horn, and pull the swab through after it, right? Wrong. You've probably discovered that ofte... Read More »

How to Switch from Clarinet to Tenor Saxophone?

The tenor saxophone is a common instrument for clarinet players to switch to, as it has much in common with the clarinet. It's a member of the woodwind family, in the key of Bb, has a similar mouth... Read More »

Soprano Saxophone Tutorial?

The soprano saxophone has the highest pitch among the most popular types of saxophones. A daily practice routine is necessary for learning to play the soprano saxophone. Practice should be uniform ... Read More »

What key signature is the soprano saxophone in?

According to Connexions, a "key signature is a list of all the sharps and flats in the key that the music is in." The soprano saxophone's key signature is Bb, or B flat, which is one full step lowe... Read More »