How to Change How a Property Title Is Held in California?

Answer To change the way title is held on a property in California, a grantor -- the person giving away title -- must sign a transfer deed to the grantee -- the person or entity receiving the change in ti... Read More »

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The Transfer of a Property Title in California?

The title records for property held in California are contained in the county recorders throughout the state. They are a matter of public record that can be viewed by anyone. The title records are ... Read More »

How to Change Joint Tenancy to Community Property in a California Living Trust?

If you write a will, a court will supervise the transfer of your assets to your heirs after you die. This process, called probate, can takes months. A living trust allows you to avoid probate and t... Read More »

Who has held the mvp title the most&in which super bowls?

Joe Montana of the San Francisco 49ers has won the Super Bowl MVP award three times, the most in NFL history. Montana won his MVP awards in 1982 at Super Bowl XVI, 1985 at Super Bowl XIX and 1990 a... Read More »

Where are the auctions held after the IRS seizes a person's property?

The Internal Revenue Service auctions off properties that it seizes due to unpaid taxes. The auctions are conducted continually throughout the year and all over the country. The IRS website lists a... Read More »