How to Change Gear Oil?

Answer Gear oil in the transfer case and the differential of your vehicle is like any other petroleum-based product. After time, just like the engine oil, it breaks down and loses viscosity. Because it's ... Read More »

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How Do I Change the Gear Oil in My '67 Bug?

The 1967 Volkswagen Bug's transmission and differential are housed together within a single component mounted to the back of the engine. Gear oil is used to lubricate and cool and gears within the ... Read More »

How to Change GTR Gear Oil?

The GTR is billed as a high-performance sports car capable of running zero-to-60 mph in under four seconds and running a quarter mile in under 12 seconds. This requires the semi-automatic transmiss... Read More »

How to Change BMW Gear Oil?

BMW recommends that their motorcycles receive a gear oil change every 600 miles under heavy use. Unfortunately, paying a motorcycle mechanic to change your oil so often can be expensive and time-c... Read More »

How Do I Change the Gear Oil in a Toyota T50?

The T-50 transmission is a five-speed overdrive unit that provides increased fuel economy at highway speeds by lowering engine speed. The T-50 transmission has a fifth gear overdrive ratio of 0.861... Read More »