How to Change From Greater Than to Less Than With an Equation?

Answer Algebra is a branch of mathematics that studies the rules of operations and numerical relationships. An equation is simply a mathematical statement that includes an equal or inequality sign. For in... Read More »

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Is the mass of a cup of water greater than or less than a cup of sand?

The mass of a cup of sand is more than the mass of a cup of water. The density of water is 1 g per cubic centimeter in comparison to the density of sand, which is approximately 2.65 g per cubic cen... Read More »

How to Calculate if a Number Is Greater or Less Than?

You can compare numbers by using a number line. A number is greater than another number if it's located to the right of the other number on a number line and less than another number if it's to the... Read More »

Activities With More Than & Less Than for Kindergarten?

Introduce the concept of "more" and "less" to Kindergarteners by using creative techniques that the children can take part in themselves. Children enjoy getting their hands wet and figuring out thi... Read More »

Is there any greater feeling than lifting more than someone else?

nope that's one of the best feelings in the world man...apart from laying them out in a full pad scrimmage...