How to Change Fractions Into Logs?

Answer A fraction is a numerical figure having both a denominator and numerator and is referred to either a proper or improper, depending on value of both figures. This is not always the case as a figure... Read More »

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Can you change the logs in a CHDV32NR fireplace?

According to the manual that comes with the CHDV32NR gas-burning fireplace, you have to remove the logs to clean the fireplace. So they are removable. The manual specifies that the logs are numbere... Read More »

How to Convert Deadaim Logs Into Gaim Logs?

This is a way to convert DeadAim logs into logs that Gaim understands. It is a simple file renaming process that you can automate. Gaim is now called Pidgin and can be found here

How to Change Fractions to Have Like Denominators?

The denominator, or bottom number, of a fraction represents the number of parts in a whole unit. The top number, or the numerator, illustrates a portion of the whole. When you add or subtract fract... Read More »

How Do I Change My Answers to Fractions on the TI-83 Plus?

The default settings of the TI-83 Plus instruct the graphing calculator to display answers in decimal form. This does not mean that fractional math is a lost art on the device. By accessing display... Read More »