How to Change Fluid on a 4L60E?

Answer You must change the transmission fluid in a 4L60E transmission every 100,000 miles. During this process, you should also change the transmission filter. Transmission fluid provides lubrication to t... Read More »

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How do I Remove a 4L60e?

Routine maintenance on any vehicle prevents most difficult repairs. Parts wear down and require replacement throughout the years. One of the most expensive repairs is transmission work. The teeth o... Read More »

How to Find Out What My 4L60E Came Out Of?

The 4-speed, longitudinally-positioned, 6000-pound, electronically-controlled 4L60E automatic transmission is made by General Motors. It is made of cast aluminum and uses a Vehicle Speed Sensor, or... Read More »

How to Tell a 4L60 From a 4L60E?

General Motors has produced several different automatic transmissions over the years, with some of the most popular being the 4L60 and 4L60E. The differentiating character -- "E" -- stands for elec... Read More »

What Is a 4L60E Corvette Servo?

The 4L60E Corvette servo was designed to improve the shifting performance of a 4L60E transmission. The 4L60E transmission was utilized by GM in several applications, but came equipped in the Corvet... Read More »