How to Change Flip-Up Headlights?

Answer Many older sports cars come with a flip-up style headlight. When a headlight bulb burns out it should be replaced immediately. Bulbs in flip-up headlights are slightly more difficult to remove than... Read More »

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How to Remove Flip-Up Headlights?

A number of cars, such as Corvettes and Dodge Stealths, contain headlights that pop up or flip up. This type of headlight does not exist on the majority of modern cars. Replacing this type of headl... Read More »

How do I Change Car Headlights to Automatic Headlights?

Manufacturers have installed automatic headlights on cars for several decades. Originally offered on expensive models, they have since become commonplace. New cars are equipped with electronic modu... Read More »

How to Change the Visor on a Nolan Flip-Up Helmet?

Producing a range of motorcycle helmets made popular by European motorcyclists, Nolan is best known for their innovative flip-up modular helmets. Allowing the wearer to switch quickly between the p... Read More »

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