How to Change Eye Color Without Surgery?

Answer Although some people may only want to accentuate the natural color of their eyes, others actually want to change their eye color. Rather than go the route of an invasive surgical procedure to chang... Read More »

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Has anyone had the implant surgery to change their eye color?

The eye has basiclly 3 layers. It starts out as an outpocketing from the brain. This forms a ball that grows and approaches the 'skin'. When this gets close, there's a collapsing of the cup into tw... Read More »

How can i change my eye color without surgery or contacts?

You can't change your eye colour, DON'T use honey.

Well ii would want to know how can ii make my eye color change with out any surgery or contacts?

That is pretty much impossible, unless you are good at witchcraft or other magic, or you get your eyes tattooed. Contacts or surgery are the only practical options. Sorry.

Lumineyes eye color change surgery questions!!!?