How to Change Dually Tires?

Answer "Dually" is a generic term that describes any heavy-duty version of a regular, full-size pickup truck with dual rear wheels on each side of the vehicle. With their characteristic flared rear wheel ... Read More »

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How Do I Mix Dually Tires?

Heavy-duty trucks and commercial trucks are sometimes equipped with six tires, with two tires on the front of the vehicle and two dual sets on the rear of the vehicle, commonly known as "dually tir... Read More »

How to Rotate Tires on a Dually?

Trucks with dual rear wheels can develop uneven tire wear if the tires are not regularly rotated. Also, the warranty on many new tires only stays in force if the tires have been rotated on a regula... Read More »

How to Remove Dually Tires?

The biggest problem in removing Dually tires is that they sometimes stick to each other and the hub. Over time, and with a lot of heat, the metal of the rims will fuse together. This creates some ... Read More »

When are you supposed to change your winter tires to Summer tires?

When the snow and ice are gone and the temperature is consistently above freezing. What day that is depends on where you live and how the weather is sorting itself out this year. There is no "nat... Read More »