How to Change Drawings Into Exponents?

Answer If you are trying to teach your children how to compute exponents, then consider using a set of drawings or photos to do it. Exponents are superscript numbers placed after your numerical base that ... Read More »

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My scanner keeps saving my drawings as pdf files. How do I change them?

There should be an Save As... option in the scanner software, the window that opens when you are getting ready to scan. You should be able to change from pdf to jpg or whatever you need.If that doe... Read More »

How to Change the Exponents on a Calculator?

If you have a scientific calculator, then you can compute exponents. An exponent is "shorthand for repeated multiplication of the same thing by itself," according to Purple Math. You can input your... Read More »

How to Change Bases of Exponents?

In your Algebra II class, you may need to rewrite exponent bases in terms of other numbers. For instance, you can rewrite 27^2 as (3^3)^2, which is equal to 3^6. The key to rewriting exponent bases... Read More »

What do children's drawings mean?

Children often draw with uninhibited abandon. They may create strange images that adults struggle to understand. Child psychologists may try to interpret children's drawings in an attempt to diagno... Read More »