How to Change Direction of Hair Bangs?

Answer Changing the direction of your bangs is not as simple as just brushing them to another side. Over time, your hair gets used to the direction it is styled in every day. While changing the direction ... Read More »

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How to Blow-Dry Bangs in the Opposite Direction?

Blow-drying your bangs in the opposite direction has many benefits. The process can give your hair a fuller look, tame unruly bangs, and be the start of a sexy side-swept look. The key to successfu... Read More »

Does the direction seeds are change the direction its roots grow?

Well, roots will always grow down due to geotropism. It is caused by the statocytes in the root cap. They sense the force of gravity and grow down according to it. But if the root does not have a r... Read More »

Dark or light hair, and bangs or no bangs?

Dark hair with bangs looks alot better, it brings out your natural beauty and makes you look older.

How to Change the Direction of a Staircase?

Switching the direction of a staircase can open up a new floor plan. You can, for example, change the direction to leave room for a table or doorway where the bottom of the stairs now fits. Just a ... Read More »