How to Change Defiant Behavior in Teens?

Answer During adolescence, teenagers frequently experiment with different versions of themselves as they try to work out what kind of people they'd like to be. Defiance and rebellion often accompany this ... Read More »

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How to Handle Defiant Behavior in Preschoolers?

Little kids are a whole lot of fun until they become defiant. Preschoolers are a special variety who are learning to individuate yet still need loving guidance. Handling defiant behavior with under... Read More »

Oppositional Defiant Behavior Strategies for Preschool?

According to a book published by the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, or AACAP, managing children with Oppositional Defiant Disorder. or ODD, requires commitment, structure and ... Read More »

How to Change Bad Behavior?

In our lives we meet different kind of people with different behaviors. As every person is not the same therefore he/she acts or reacts differently.The way they act or react to some thing or some m... Read More »

How to Change Behavior?

Wouldn't we all love to change other people's behavior, especially towards ourselves? It may sound impossible to actually change all those people out there, there are so many. But we can actually c... Read More »