How to Change Combination Locks?

Answer Open the old lock with the combination or key. If the lock is old with no remembered combination or key entry, use a universal key (available through a locksmith only) or bolt cutter to break the l... Read More »

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How do I set combination locks on a brief case?

Open the CaseOpen the briefcase. The combination for a new briefcase should be either on an attached tag or in the owner's manual.Find the LockLook inside the briefcase at the back of the lock. Y... Read More »

How To Set a Combination for Luggage Locks?

Having locks on your luggage is a great way to ensure yourself that your possessions are secured. It's easy to forget to pre-set or set a combination for your luggage lock when you travel, especial... Read More »

What Are the Differences Between Combination Locks & Deadbolts?

Combination locks and deadbolts are two forms of locks that serve very different purposes. Combination locks do not use keys, can involve keypads, multiple dials or just one dial, and are used in a... Read More »

How to Fix Laptop Combination Cable Locks?

A laptop combination cable lock is similar to a lock that is used for a bicycle. When the computer lock is in place, the computer cannot be taken from a location without removing the lock from the ... Read More »