How to Change Combination Locks?

Answer Open the old lock with the combination or key. If the lock is old with no remembered combination or key entry, use a universal key (available through a locksmith only) or bolt cutter to break the l... Read More »

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How To Set a Combination for Luggage Locks?

Having locks on your luggage is a great way to ensure yourself that your possessions are secured. It's easy to forget to pre-set or set a combination for your luggage lock when you travel, especial... Read More »

How to Fix Laptop Combination Cable Locks?

A laptop combination cable lock is similar to a lock that is used for a bicycle. When the computer lock is in place, the computer cannot be taken from a location without removing the lock from the ... Read More »

How do I set combination locks on a brief case?

Open the CaseOpen the briefcase. The combination for a new briefcase should be either on an attached tag or in the owner's manual.Find the LockLook inside the briefcase at the back of the lock. Y... Read More »

How to Open Combination Locks Without a Code?

Ever want to open a combination lock without a code? Read on.