How to Change Chords Quickly on Guitar?

Answer Guitar chords aren't really hard, they are just challenging for beginners. This guide will show you how to change chords at a reasonable pace.

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How to Change Guitar Chords With Capo to Standard Tuning?

A capo is a device similar to a clamp that attaches to a guitar neck and presses down the strings across one fret. This acts to raise the pitch that the open guitar strings produce. Capos are a con... Read More »

How to Use Power Chords on a Guitar?

Ever felt like doing some power chords, but didn't know quite how?

How to Finger All Chords on Guitar?

Do you want to finger the strings on a guitar, and make each note ring in harmony? It isn't difficult to do, but you must practice. Soon, though, you will be playing the chords away...

How to Play Guitar Chords by Ear?

While the best way to learn to play guitar chords is to get a chord dictionary and learn how to make guitar chords by reading diagrams, some guitar players would rather learn to hear music and re-c... Read More »