How to Change Chords Quickly on Guitar?

Answer Guitar chords aren't really hard, they are just challenging for beginners. This guide will show you how to change chords at a reasonable pace.

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How to Change Guitar Chords With Capo to Standard Tuning?

A capo is a device similar to a clamp that attaches to a guitar neck and presses down the strings across one fret. This acts to raise the pitch that the open guitar strings produce. Capos are a con... Read More »

How to Use Power Chords on a Guitar?

Ever felt like doing some power chords, but didn't know quite how?

Guitar question about the chords, Please help!!?

For me it's much easier to just use 2 fingers. Of course I barre with the first finger and cover the other 3 strings with my ring finger.

How to Play Guitar Chords by Ear?

While the best way to learn to play guitar chords is to get a chord dictionary and learn how to make guitar chords by reading diagrams, some guitar players would rather learn to hear music and re-c... Read More »