How to Change Chevrolet Daytime Running Lights?

Answer Chevrolet vehicles have two different daytime running light systems. There is a separate bulb assembly and there is the use of the high beams at a lower setting. Depending on the type of Chevrolet ... Read More »

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How to Change the Daytime Running Lights on a BMW Z4?

The daytime running lights on your BMW Z4 help other drivers spot your vehicle on the road. If one of the daytime running lights goes out, you should replace it immediately. Not only do the lights ... Read More »

How to Change Daytime Running Lights in a Suburban?

The daytime running lamp system on a Chevrolet Suburban does not use separate daytime running lamps like other vehicles. Instead, the daytime running lamps are simply the Suburban's high beam headl... Read More »

What Are Daytime Running Lights?

Many late-model vehicles feature daytime running lights. These headlights are activated at all times while driving, even when the headlight switch is in the "Off" position. Most manufacturers equip... Read More »

Why would someone want to turn off daytime running lights?

i also work for a dealer and see this every so often usually the reason given is someone wants their car to be able to sit at idle with no lights showing for some reason most often this person is a... Read More »