How to Change Channels for Netgear WiFi?

Answer Netgear Wi-Fi routers have a channel option, so you can change the channel used by your wireless devices. Typically, channels one and six are used on a Wi-Fi router. If you have several other surro... Read More »

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My router WNDR4000 netgear is set up, but i need to login and enable wifi. But wont open! Help?

try typing either or in the browser instead of and see if it opens the routers set up page, the username will be admin and the password will be password

Wifi problem with Netgear Router?

Netgear is a pain for wireless- In my experience the wifi can give up after a week and needs a total reboot.Thats the first thing to try. Alternatively, your phone etc may not support the level of ... Read More »

Why wont Netgear wifi connect on my nintendo dsi?

Couple of reasons. Not sure if you own the Netgear wireless or not. If not, it may be configured to open with no security, but it is only allowing certain devices to connect. (MAC address filter... Read More »

Why when using dish network remote control in UHF to change a channel it goes through many channels before it stops Have the receiver favorites set to all channels Remote works fine in IR mode?

Some remotes can be used in IR or UHF mode but not both. What model is the remote, 21.0 or a different model? When a remote is switched to UHF from IR, it needs to be readdressed to the receiver so... Read More »