How to Change Cartilage Jewelry?

Answer When you first get a cartilage piercing, you are pierced with initial body jewelry that you must not remove until your piercing has fully healed. To prevent your piercing from getting infected, you... Read More »

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How to Change Nose Jewelry?

Changing nose jewelry is exciting but can also be frustrating. Once you learn a few simple hints, changing nose jewelry can become a much easier process. Does this Spark an idea?

When To Change Belly Button Jewelry?

Belly button piercings are among the most popular types of piercings in the United States. You have to be over the age of 18 to get your belly button pierced, or have parental consent. The most com... Read More »

How to Change Pierced Navel Jewelry?

Navel piercing is accomplished by inserting a piece of jewelry through the rim of the navel, or belly button. The abdomen is not a vascular region, meaning that there is restricted blood flow to th... Read More »

Is it safe to change your belly-button jewelry after a day?

On One Hand: Healing ProcessIt is absolutely not safe to change your jewelry after one day, because your navel area is still getting used to the piercing. It needs time to heal so that the hole wi... Read More »