How to Change Break Pads on a Car?

Answer Changing brake pads on a car may be easier than you think. According to the Galtech website, if you can change your own oil, you'll likely be able to change your own brake pads. Save yourself $150 ... Read More »

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How to Change Break Pads?

You no doubt have heard the advice that it is wise to take care of a small problem with your vehicle before it becomes a larger one. This is especially true of the brakes on your car. The brake pad... Read More »

How to Change VW Break Pads?

Volkswagen vehicles may come equipped with either disc or drum style brakes. For models that are equipped with disc style brakes, there are components of the braking system known as brake pads. The... Read More »

How to Change Rear Break Pads?

Changing rear brake pads is a routine maintenance required for vehicles. Brake pads wear over time with brake activity, so it is recommended to check for possible replacement once a month. The proc... Read More »

How to Change the Break Pads on a 2000 Nissan Maxima?

Regular maintenance, inspection and replacement of a car's brake pads are essential to safe and worry-free driving. The 2000 Nissan Maxima's brake pads are simple to remove and install.