How to Change Brakes on a BMW?

Answer The brakes on your BMW perform the most important safety function on your vehicle, so it's important that you keep an eye on pad wear and change them when necessary. Usually, this means that the pa... Read More »

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How to Change Brakes?

Stopping your vehicle is very important. It is essential that the brake pads are changed as soon as you hear a squeaking sound when trying to stop. Brake pads can be bought at any auto parts store ... Read More »

How to Change Kia Brakes?

The braking system on a Kia includes several components. The brake pads are the most often changed parts of the system. The rotors require less frequent repair or replacement, but they are relative... Read More »

How do I Change X3 Brakes?

The BMW X3 comes equipped with all-wheel anti-lock brakes. The brake pads are fitted with wear indicators that will scrape against the rotors when the pads have reached a level of wear worthy of re... Read More »

How to Change CTS Brakes?

When you apply the brakes in your Cadillac CTS, the brake pads are forced against the brake rotors, by hydraulic pressure. Each time you apply the brakes, some of the brake pad material wears away,... Read More »