How to Change Boxster Brake Sensors?

Answer When the brake lights come on in the Boxster, it should not be ignored because it means a brake sensor has probably gone out. The Boxster, a mid-size sports car manufactured by Porsche, is equipped... Read More »

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How to Release the Parking Brake in a 1999 Porsche Boxster?

The Porsche Boxster debuted in the 1997 model year as an inexpensive-for-a-Porsche roadster. The Boxster was in no way a powerhouse, but given its somewhat svelte 2,822 to 2,954-pound curb weight a... Read More »

How Do I Change Boxster Oil?

Despite the fact that the Boxster wears a Porsche badge on its nose, it’s very easy to change the oil on it. According to the factory, the Boxster’s oil should be changed at least every 15,000 ... Read More »

How to Change the Oil on a Porsche Boxster?

Porsche often complicates simple maintenance procedures. Oil changes in most Porsches require draining an oil tank separate from the motor and multiple oil filters. Porsche eliminated the separate ... Read More »

How to Test ABS Brake Sensors?

Anti-locking brake system (ABS) speed sensors have the purpose of informing your vehicle's computer of the rate at which the vehicle's wheels are moving. The vehicle computer, which is also called ... Read More »