How to Change Batteries in a Barbie Doll?

Answer The Barbie Video Girl Doll is the only Mattel Barbie doll on the market that is battery operated. The doll boasts the feature of digitally recording video in "doll's-eye-view," which can be easily ... Read More »

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How to Be a Barbie Doll Teenager?

Have you ever looked at your old Barbie dolls and sighed wishing you could be like Barbie? Well, now is the chance! Be a popular teenage Barbie in no time! (This article is for girls ages 13 to 20.)

How to Be a Human Barbie Doll?

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How to Dress a Barbie Doll?

When you dress a Barbie doll, you want her to look her best. Remember, she can be anything you want her to be--in five minutes you can turn that McDonald's Cashier Barbie into a certified M.D.! Rea... Read More »

How can I design my own Barbie doll?

A Barbie doll is surely as timeless a piece of Americana as any toy could be. But they're not just for little girls anymore, and big girls aren't necessarily satisfied with an off-the-shelf model. ... Read More »