How to Change Ball Bearings?

Answer Changing ball bearings can cover a variety of applications, although nearly all of them will have to do with wheels or other turning parts that rely on force being applied to an object that rotates... Read More »

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Are Roller Bearings Better Than Ball Bearings?

On One Hand: Roller bearingsAccording to, there are several types of roller bearings, including cylindrical, self-aligning, track, tapered and needle. Each type is better suited ... Read More »

How to Oil a CPU Fan's Ball Bearings?

If you notice that your laptop's cooling fan is a little noisy, it may be an indication that you need to oil the fan. Every laptop cooling fan is powered by a small motor and, if not regularly lubr... Read More »

How are ball bearings manufactured?

Ball bearings are essential parts of most machines and are found in devices ranging from tiny motors to massive turbines. The process for producing ball bearings was first developed by Welshman Phi... Read More »

Who invented ball bearings?

The first recorded use of ball bearings was on a Roman Nemi ship from the period 40 C.E. In 1794, Philip Vaughan of Carmarthen, Wales invented and patented a ball race (ball bearings on a track), ... Read More »