How to Change Anyone's Password when You Have Access to Any User Account?

Answer PasswordIf you are in a user account and you want to change administrator's or any user's password, then just follow these steps. You don't need any software for this.

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How do i change a user account password on aol?

From your web browserNavigate to "" using your web browser. Sign in using your username and current password. Enter the answer to your Account Security Question and click "Cont... Read More »

I want to access my computer from another computer, how do i do that as i have to input user name & password?

I'll assume you are talking about Windows. Here's the walk through for XP. Right click on your "My Computer" icon. Click on properties.Click on the remote tab. Select the second box down, make ... Read More »

I am trying to reset my wireless router, it is how do I access admin, password, user etc?

TO reset your router you dont log into it. There will be a small pin hole somewere on the router, usually next to the power plug. You will hold the button in usung a paperclip or something small an... Read More »

How Do I Access Another User Account With Windows XP?

Click the "Start" button. Click on the "Log Off" button on the bottom of the Start menu. Select "Switch User" to display icons for all user accounts on your computer. Click on a user account icon a... Read More »