How to Change '07 Mustang GT Thermostats?

Answer Ford started the "pony car" wars in 1964 when it released the legendary Mustang. The Mustang went through many growing pains throughout its life, none worse than the Mustang II era that ran from 19... Read More »

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How often should you change electronic thermostats?

Electronic thermostats do not need to be changed regularly, but their batteries do need yearly changing. Most electronic thermostats have a low battery indicator, but experts recommend that the bat... Read More »

How to Change Thermostats on a Chevy Beretta?

The cooling system in the Chevrolet Beretta is governed by a thermostat. The thermostat is set to open when the engine temperature rises. The coolant flows through the engine and is pushed back in ... Read More »

How to Change Thermostats in Ford Expeditions & Crossovers?

If your Ford Expedition or Crossover is overheating, the most common cause is a bad thermostat. When this happens, you need to replace the thermostat as soon as possible. If you fail to change it i... Read More »

How to Change Out Struts on a Mustang?

Changing the struts on your Ford Mustang is difficult and best left to a professional if possible. The struts must be changed together to maintain balance on the car. The strut assemblies are heavy... Read More »