How to Challenge the Validity of a Debt?

Answer Challenging the validity of a debt is actually quite simple. It does require that you know a bit about your rights as a consumer so you can properly deal with the collection agency. If you stay on ... Read More »

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Foreclosure and Validity of Debt?

Mortgage foreclosure is a legal process that often terminates in the loss of a home. If a homeowner has defaulted on his mortgage, the lender may hire a debt collections agency to try to recoup the... Read More »

The Validity of a Last Will & Testament?

A last will and testament is a document that details how the signing party (the "testator") wants his property dealt with upon his death. A valid will must meet the statutory standards for a will i... Read More »

How to Contest the Validity of a Last Will & Testament?

A person's will is that person's final instructions about what to do with the remaining assets and property acquired during that person's life. Typically, a will leaves gifts the deceased person's ... Read More »

Validity of Assessment Tools?

When analyzing a test or assessment, the two most important concepts are reliability and validity. These two concepts are similar to the concepts of precision and accuracy; one describes consistenc... Read More »