How to Challenge Gifted Students?

Answer According to the website, most gifted students spend the bulk of their time in school in regular classrooms which don't cater particularly to the gifted individual. This is a problem,... Read More »

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How can I challenge gifted 3 year old daughter?

Usually, I roll my eyes when I see the word "gifted." Did you know that 95% of kids are above average according to their parents? :)I was expecting to open this up and see something like, "My girl... Read More »

Special Schools for Gifted Students?

Gifted students are considered individuals who show exemplary levels of aptitude or competence in a specific area (or multiple areas). The United States does not have a specific definition of a gif... Read More »

Gifted & Talented Students in the Classroom?

According to the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, a "gifted" child is one who "gives evidence of high achievement capability in areas such as intellectual, creative, artistic, or leadership ... Read More »

Strategies for Gifted and Talented Students?

Just like all children, every gifted student has unique learning needs. Gifted students have certain characteristics that give them a learning advantage, but these characteristics vary by student. ... Read More »