How to Chainsaw Effectively on Gears of War?

Answer Model of the Lancer with chainsawAnyone can chainsaw someone on Gears of War. You'll most likely get abuse for being unskilled, but if you can do it well enough they'll bow at your feet and you'll ... Read More »

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How to Chainsaw Yourself on Gears of War?

Feel the need for some punishment? You can chainsaw yourself on Gears of War. Here's how you do it.

How to Use Smoke Grenades Effectively in Gears of War?

Smoke grenades don't do anything, right? They don't do damage and so surely they can't be of any use to you? Wrong! Smoke grenades are a vital part of Gears of War and can confuse, fool, and humili... Read More »

How to Change Gears on Bicycle With 10 or more Gears?

Most bicycles today come with anywhere from 10 to 27 gears. Selecting the proper gear and knowing when to switch will let you ride faster, longer, and without worry of "that big hill".

How to Choose a Chainsaw?

Chainsaws were once the primary tool of farmers, loggers, and ranchers, but now homeowners use chainsaws for a variety of things. They can be used around the house, like lot clearing, tree pruning,... Read More »