How to Center Worksheets Both Horizontally & Vertically in Windows Excel?

Answer When presenting an important worksheet to your colleagues you want it to look attractive and professional. A worksheet is an excellent solution, allowing you to arrange data using formulas, create ... Read More »

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Do you hang drywall horizontally or vertically?

Generally, nonprofessionals find it easier to hang and finish drywall vertically because it requires fewer cuts during installation. Hanging drywall vertically works best on walls that are 8 feet o... Read More »

Do thermohaline currents flow vertically or horizontally?

Thermohaline currents (circulation) are driven by density differences, which depend on changes in temperature and salinity caused by the heating and cooling of surface ocean water. These currents f... Read More »

How is screen size determined on LCD moniters Diagonally, horizontally, or vertically?

How do you get a different lock screen on your htc evo perferably the one one the Motorola droid has when you slide horizontally not vertically?

You can use the link below this answer to download a lot of lock screens of all kinds. iPhone, moto, galaxy s, x10 etc...