How to Center DIV on the Screen?

Answer If you want to center an element such as text, a picture or a table on your website, you can use the DIV HyperText Markup Language (HTML) tag to do so. The HTML language allows you to format your w... Read More »

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My screen on my computer is shifted to the left.. How do I center my screen on my monitir..I have windows xp..?

To the left to the left everything you own in a box to the left...

Why do i lose my on screen pointer on windows media center?

That's just the way it works. Alot of remotes that work with WMC have ALOT of options and basically what they are doing is controlling the mouse to specific buttons. While your using WMC it has con... Read More »

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Why is my computer screen stating "no signal" I have a Gateway GT4010 media center desktop.?

Your monitor cable could just be loose. Check both ends of the cable and make sure it didn't get pulled loose. Check where it plugs into the monitor and also where it plugs into the videocard.If ... Read More »