How to Celebrate a Person?

Answer Is there someone really famous that you would like to commemorate? Or do you want to make that special loved one in your life feel absolutely wonderful? A great way to do so is to hold a celebratio... Read More »

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I think im gonna be the first person in my family to hit the age of 30 with all my teeth how do i celebrate?

Damn man, Do you not know that having all your teeth leads to the potential of you being identified if you go on a biting spree? Pull them out and go titanium, the only sure way your victims will ... Read More »

Since my bank wants to charge me $2 for person-to-person customer service inquiries....?

Which is why I no longer Bank with Bank of America, Union Planters, Citi, or Wachovia (now part of Wells Fargo)..I will make this a plug for Northern Trust.Northern Trust doesn't charge my lawn guy... Read More »

Is a person a bad person if he or she does not enjoy spending time with their family?

i don't think so because the person might want time alone

What do you call a Disease that can be passed from Person to person?

A disease is a pathological condition of the body that presents a group of clinical signs and symptoms and laboratory findings peculiar to it and that sets the condition apart as an abnormal entity... Read More »