How to Celebrate National Maple Syrup Day?

Answer Different grades of maple syrup.Holy hotcakes, Batman! There's a National (USA) Maple Syrup Day and it's celebrated on December 17th! Here's a few ideas on how to celebrate!

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How to Whip Maple Syrup to Make Maple Sugar Candy?

Make your own maple sugar candy with whipped maple syrup, or maple cream. Whipped maple syrup is often called maple cream because after boiling the syrup gains an appearance and texture similar to ... Read More »

Can i substitute pancake syrup for maple syrup?

It seems to me that pancake syrup has a maple flavor in it so it should be ok. If you were to use just plain corn syrup that would work too, it would just give your ribs a sweetness but no distinct... Read More »

How to Tap Maple Trees for Maple Syrup?

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How to Make Maple Syrup?

Maple syrup has been enjoyed by people for hundreds of years. This delicious, sweet liquid is made from the sap of Maple trees, which are found in the Northeast of North America.