How to Celebrate Independence Day if You're Not from America?

Answer So you have heard of Independence Day? You're not from America and you want to celebrate it? Well this will tell you how to celebrate Independence Day if you're not American.

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How to Celebrate Independence Day?

The United States Independence Day (also known as the Fourth of July because that's the day it is celebrated) is a holiday that celebrates the separation of the United States from Great Britain, an... Read More »

How to Celebrate Finnish Independence Day?

A public holiday in Finland on the 6th of December. Includes solemn celebrations to honor the gained independence from Russian Empire in 1917.

How to Celebrate 65Th Independence Day of India?

India will celebrate its 65th Independence Day on 15th August 2011. It is a national holiday in India. Everywhere in the country, local administration of those areas conduct flag-hoisting ceremonie... Read More »

How to Celebrate America Recycles Day?

This symbol depicts a recyclable itemAmerica Recycles Day (ARD) is celebrated every year on November 15. The whole point of this day is to recycle things, to buy recycled products, and to learn mor... Read More »