How to Celebrate Hunger Awareness Month?

Answer Hunger Awareness can mean many things. In industrialized countries we are overweight because we are not aware of our hunger. In 3rd world countries, people are dying of hunger. Why not address both... Read More »

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How to Celebrate Cancer Awareness Month?

Pink ribbons for cancer awarenessSetting aside one month a year for cancer awareness may alert many to the early detection of breast cancer, but to celebrate this, only once a year, is like checkin... Read More »

Beast Cancer Awareness Month is almost over. What kind of Awareness Month is November?

Diabetes. for reals. Send me a box of chocolates.Yeah that sugar free stuff has that sorbitol crap that may cause a laxative effect. LOL Some of that stuff is really no better for you than the ... Read More »

Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

As the sister and a granddaughter of two women who have lost the fight, and the daughter of one who has survived, THANK YOU for remembering and honoring them.Yes, I absolutely have had my mammogram... Read More »

When is cancer awareness month?

While there is no general cancer awareness month, the White House has established April as National Cancer Control Month. National Cancer Control Month is a time when efforts are made to inform the... Read More »