How to Celebrate Holidays As a Pagan Around Non Pagans?

Answer Being Pagan can be tough sometimes, Esbats aren't usually a problem, but things can get dicey around times of the year when other religious holy days happen to coincide with Sabbats. Although Pagan... Read More »

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What Holidays Does Panama Celebrate?

In addition to some of the holidays Americans celebrate, Panamanians recognize holidays uniquely their own. According to the Caribbeanpanamarealestate website, there are 13 holidays that Panama cel... Read More »

How do people from Panama celebrate holidays?

Panama, the southernmost country in Central America, traces its history back thousands of years to some of the first pre-Colombian artists in the Americas. It has a long partnership with the Unite... Read More »

How to Celebrate the Holidays With Your Teddy Bear?

Christmas bearChristmas is right around the corner and you have nothing to do. How about celebrate it with your teddy bear? If so, read on.

What are some holidays that you celebrate to remember the military?

In the US we have Memorial Day and Veterans Day as well as the Marine Corps Birthday.