How to Celebrate Boxing Day?

Answer Boxing Day, also known as St. Stephen’s Day, is celebrated on the day after Christmas, December 26. The holiday has British origins, and is a legal observance in the United Kingdom and Republic o... Read More »

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How to Jab in Boxing?

If you have any desire to learn the sport of boxing, also known as the "sweet science," the jab is a fast, long range punch that will decide your fate in the ring. It may also be the punch you thro... Read More »

How to Win at Wii Boxing?

Wii Boxing is part of the Wii Sports game that comes with all new Nintendo Wii systems. Like the other games in Wii Sports, Wii Boxing relies solely on the Wii remotes: the Nunchuk and the Wii Remo... Read More »

How to Buy Boxing Equipment?

If you're a casual boxer, somebody who goes to class twice per week and mostly for fitness, you don't need to spend much time worrying about buying equipment. The gloves and wraps you buy from your... Read More »

How to Spar (Boxing)?

People are yelling at you. You're hitting them too hard or you're not hitting them at all. Your footwork is all over the place. You telegraph your punches.