How to Celebrate Boss's Day when You Have a Bad Boss?

Answer Yes, it's true. There's actually a holiday to celebrate your boss: October 16th each year. But half of the population would rather fire their bosses than celebrate their boss's incompetence, rudene... Read More »

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Why did the Chinese cheer and celebrate when they heard about 9/11 Did China have anything to do with this?

Probably not regarding the weapons, but the fact that most Chinese cheered is reflective of the propaganda they are constantly barraged with. There are anti-American undertones in nearly all of the... Read More »

With our all qualifications & experiences, we shouldn't try to be the boss of our BOSS at works place, agree?

Probably you've composed the question with contradictions, I'm sorry to say so! When one has that "qualifications" & "experiences", one would never go to be the 'boss' of one's BOSS! Well, I unders... Read More »

When is Boss Appreciation Day?

National Boss's Appreciation Day, also known as Boss's Day, is October 16 every year. If the 16th falls on a Saturday, the holiday is celebrated on the preceding Friday. If the 16th falls on a Sun... Read More »

How to Goof off when the Boss Is Away?

If you have an unfulfilling office job, it might be tricky to keep yourself motivated when the boss is away. Not to worry though, a few simple tricks can make a couple of hours work look as if it t... Read More »