How to Caulk a Boat With Sealants?

Answer A common type of sealant to use with a boat is marine caulking. Caulking prevents water from seeping or penetrating into the boat. Marine caulk is a product which is water resistant that can be app... Read More »

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How to Caulk an Old Wooden Boat?

Any reasonably handy boat owner can caulk their own boat, there is no magic involved.On a new boat, with pristine seams between the planks, it is pretty straight forward. On an older boat the seams... Read More »

What is the history of dental sealants?

Answer I think you mean sealants to prevent cavities right? When I was about 13 my dentist put them on a few of my back teeth (the deeper ones which he thought were prone to cavities). I am 27 now ... Read More »

Can sealants be applied after a fluoride treatment?

Answer In Short, YES. However, placing a sealant requires conditioning a tooth with a mild acid - often called "acid etching". A tooth that has just received a Fluoride treatment may sometimes requ... Read More »

How do I apply floor paint sealants?

CleaningEnsure that the painted floor is clean. Mop the floor and rinse it thoroughly if it is dirty. Wait two to three hours for the floor to dry.PreparationCover walls or baseboards running adjac... Read More »