How to Caulk Cinder Blocks?

Answer As cinder block walls age and settle, small cracks will inevitably form. If these cracks are not severe enough to impact the structural integrity of the wall, they can be sealed with a basic concr... Read More »

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How to Lay Cinder Blocks?

Cinder blocks are also commonly known as concrete blocks. They are the foundation of many homes. Cinder blocks come in 8-by-8-by-16-inch sections. They are put down one on top of another with a lay... Read More »

How to Mortar Cinder Blocks?

Cinder blocks, a material consisting of Portland or masonry cement and cinders from burned coal, are often used in the construction of walls and masonry footings. Cinder blocks offer a light-weight... Read More »

Question about cinder blocks?

You can sledge hammer rebar… into the ground after you set them.

Decorating Tips for Interior Cinder Blocks?

Cinder blocks seem to be a construction staple, particularly in old homes or dorm rooms. While these building materials might be sturdy, they can be, in a word, unsightly. If you find yourself faci... Read More »