How to Catch the Regi Brothers?

Answer In "Pokemon: Diamond," "Pokemon: Pearl" and "Pokemon: Platinum," Regigigas (Regi) is a legendary Pokemon. Regigigas wakes from its sleeping place in Snowpoint Temple when the three legendary golems... Read More »

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What are some famous brothers like the Wright Brothers or the Kennedy brothers?

The Grimm Brothers they wrote most of the popular fairy tales that we know.

Jonas Brothers VS Naked Brothers Band?

JONAS BROTHERS!and thats not just because i♥♥♥♥themthe naked brothers band make bad music and are terrrible actors

Why brothers are mostly possessive of sisters but not for brothers?

Well probably because men are most likely to defend themselves more than women.

How to Catch to Catch Latias in Emerald Gameshark?

Here's how to catch Latias in Pokemon Emerald Gameshark.