How to Catch the Reading Bug?

Answer Become a natural bookworm!

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Is this possible that they will catch me at work reading Q&A?

Sure it's possible, also when you post stuff! If they want to they can check the sites you visited, I just am not familiar with how! It's how people got caught looking at porn, not that this is but... Read More »

How to Catch to Catch Latias in Emerald Gameshark?

Here's how to catch Latias in Pokemon Emerald Gameshark.

What does a systolic blood pressure reading of 148 and diastolic reading of 55 mean in an elderly patient?

Your grandma's blood pressure reading is 148/55 mmHg. She has got stage 1 hypertension (Isolated systolic hypertension). Isolated systolic hypertension is defined as a systolic pressure that is abo... Read More »

Thinking about moving to reading pa how are the schools. where are the good parts of Reading?

Well I lived there by chance back in 97 to 99. I lived on 14th and cotton right on the corner you can look it up it was a green row house I think there called . Its a nice place but if you wanna b... Read More »